Tramps Like Us (and other random thoughts)

I have so much to say, but no real desire to sit down and say it.  So instead, I’ll torment you with a slew of random thoughts…

* Having to go to a laundromat is bad enough (stupid rentals in SoCal with no laundry facilities!).  But to have the damn machines rip you off is just wrong!  So very wrong.  It cost me $8 to do two (super) loads of laundry that normally only cost $4.  And of course, the owner wasn’t around *grr*

* I put the Halloween shirt on the pupster today, you know, to get him in the spirit and all that jazz…but he’s just not happy about it.  Instead, he keeps rubbing up against things to try to remove it.

* I’m one of those wives…you know, the ones that shop for their husbands.  Well, my hubby is famous for deciding that he doesn’t like something long after the return period.   I do my best to hang onto the receipts, but this doesn’t always work.  In fact, I got blackballed from Mervyn’s my first year living with him because I returned too many (of his) things without receipts.  And now, I can’t seem to find the receipt for the damn backpack he made me buy for him.  I’ll just have to keep looking, but at least it was on clearance for only $12.

* I was really, really hoping for a new camera before my trip to Albuquerque this weekend.  My little Canon Powershot A520 has been quite good to me, but lately, the lens cap thingie doesn’t always want to open.  So I mentioned it to the hubby, and I kinda had the okay to get a new one.  But then, well, the lens cap thingie started working just fine.  So I’ve decided to give up my dream of a new camera.  Maybe he’ll get me one for Christmas (though if he had his way, I’d just use his original Nikon D70 – but it’s not small enough to fit in my purse and sometimes, that’s what matters!)

* I still can’t get over how weird Sting looked at Herbie’s tribute.  I mean really, who in the world wears brown casual shoes with a black jacket and pants (no, not a suit)?  And why in the world is Chris Botti’s jacket so damn shiny???  Herbie looks good, no?

* And speaking of Sting and Chris Botti…rumor has it there might be a three way going on with wife Trudie.  Strange youtube video as support of said rumor. 

* And on the topic of the Herbie/Monk thing…I just don’t get Joni Mitchell.  Am I missing something?  Or am I just too young?  She tells these stories through songs, but really, they’re not like songs at all.  When I hear her name, all I can think of is the Emma Thompson character in Love Actually.

* And speaking of Love Actually, I still have no idea where that damn movie disappeared to.  I’ve torn the house apart and it’s just not here.  I guess I’ll need to trade in some CDs so I can get a new copy.  Let’s face it, it’s a good movie.

* My medication is kicking in and I feel a thousand times better.  Believe it or not, I can actually drive over the hill and not get totally clogged up.

In closing…the Bruce show was a little disappointing.  Keep in mind, I’m not a big fan, so the older, more obscure stuff was lost on me.   It looked like the fans really loved the show – lots of singing, lots of dancing and lots of fist pumping (my shoulder still hurts from Bad Lands) – and things sounded great.  It’s just hard to get so pumped for a show where out of 2.5 hours of music, I only knew like 6 songs!  Kind of sad.  I loved the Rising tour (saw him twice) and I really enjoyed his folksy stuff from last summer, but this show just didn’t do it for me.  So much so that both M & I decided that neither of us wanted to go again tonight (we thought we’d have to fight it out between the two of us to see who got to go tonight).  The hubby was able to get rid of the ticket though, so no worries.

4 thoughts on “Tramps Like Us (and other random thoughts)

  1. Lisa

    The D70’s great! You’ll forget about the size once you’ve used it. No shutter lag anymore. It’s amazing and I’m completely spoiled now.

    Also, Love Actually? One of my favorites. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    RE: The camera – Aren’t those ginormous, suitcase sized handbags all the rage right now? Get yourself one of those, no problems fitting the Nikon in there! (Something I keep in mind when shopping for handbags for myself.)

  3. Kat

    Lisa – I was *this* close to bringing it with me this weekend, but really, I just don’t want to lug anything more than I have to. And let’s be honest, the hubby will have his D200 and probably his D80 (one of which typically gets handed off to me to use).

    Michelle – I’m laughing about those big’ol bags. Our last trip, my hubby surprised me and picked me up a new purse while we were out. I was only packed for a small purse, so I had tons of room in there. And yes, he was regularly handing me his camera to stash in my purse. Men!

  4. Michelle

    RE: The camera – Aren't those ginormous, suitcase sized handbags all the rage right now? Get yourself one of those, no problems fitting the Nikon in there! (Something I keep in mind when shopping for handbags for myself.)

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