Happy Halloweenie!*

I brought the dog into our marriage, my husband brought the cat. Interestingly enough, our cat thinks he’s a dog**. He likes to bark at strangers (when he’s not in Scaredy Cat mode, that is), he eats his brother’s kibble, canned food and dog treats whenever he can, and he likes to play with plush dog toys.

In many other ways, he’s all cat. He goes crazy for turkey or tuna. He insists that if you’re opening a can, any can, that it’s for him. He will search out boxes and bags and will do whatever it takes to squeeze himself inside. In fact, he’s all about hiding inside or under things, but when he hears me freaking out because I can’t find him, he’ll pop out with a meow to let me know he’s here.

Sadly, I’m allergic to cats. Mind you, we don’t let him know this. I don’t get sneezy and luckily I can control it with Zrytec. But let me tell you, when I forgot to take it my entire body, head to toes will start to itch. You’ll see me attacking my hair, my neck, my boobs and my thighs they itch so much. Then I take the meds and within the hour, all is well.

The point of my post…I’m allergic to cats, but boy howdy do I love out little guy!


* I just wanted the chance to use this picture – it really has NOTHING to do with Halloween – isn’t he handsome and autumnal though?


** Mind you, the dog loves cat treats and will roll around the catnip toys forever and a day.

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