I’m Thankful…

Just because I don’t seem to have the ooph necessary to write another post for today AND my post for tomorrow while I’m stuck in the air, I’ll give you a small list of things I’m thankful for (in no particular order)…

* I’m thankful for my awesome hubby and the three weeks that I’ll have him all to myself (while he takes vacation days to work from home).

* I’m thankful for the boys who I will miss both this weekend and next while we travel.  Pupster, I hope you enjoy your sleep-away camp and KitKat, I hope you don’t get too freaked out being home alone.

* I’m thankful that I’m able to leave tomorrow to go hang with my friends back in the Duke City!!  Oh, and green chile!!  Did I mention how excited I am to have green chile and sopapillas again???  Garcia’s I’ll see YOU tomorrow for dinner!

* I’m thankful that I no longer have certain people in my life.  It’s amazing just how good it feels.

* And lastly, I’m thankful that I can pre-publish (bwahahah!)

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