Gone Daddy Gone

Turns out I had a second (non-gratitude) post in me after all.  Let me just say, it’s awfully quiet in this house when the pupster is away.  I dropped him off at doggie sleep-away camp about and hour ago and wow, so peaceful.  Let me just say though, I was *this* close to sending him away without his dinner – this would have been tragic considering they only get once a day, AM feedings there.  But at least I remembered to pack his blanket and a toy that he can beat himself up with.  Word on the street is that he’ll have two doxies next door to flirt with.

The quiet is definitely appreciated, as it seems like I’ve got a migraine coming on.  Which sucks because today was the ONLY day I was going to be able to visit with A and her hubby from Cityview.  And now, between the migraine and the commute (and the packing that still isn’t completely done) I’m going to have to bail.  Bummer…I even had wine to give them (paying it forward and all that).

Oh well, I guess the hubby and will just have to head out to Chicago again some time soonish.

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