Granted, this is a good thing…

I’m packing for tonight, but um…all my long sleeve tees and tops are well, too big.  So now I’m going to look all sorts of frumpy and whatnot this weekend.  Oh well, I guess I’d rather my clothes be too big than too small, right? I’m sure I can find something.  It’s not worth going out to the garage to look through the boxes though.  Oh well.

And in related news, I tried on a pair of jeans that I’d had in my closet waiting for the day that they’d finally fit (they were on sale when I bought the smaller size).  Well…they fit!!  I will be wearing those this weekend as well.  When I was in NM this past weekend, my roomie gave me a casual suit that I’d always liked.  I figured since it was an 18/20 from years ago (before Lane adjusted their sizing again) that it would still be way too tight.  Nope, it fit perfectly! I might eventually get around to trying on other things from my closet to see what else fits.


So today I’m thankful that I’m fitting into smaller sizes!! Woohoo!

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