Poor Little Guy


We picked the pupster up this morning from the boarders and everything was fine. He was happy, he was bouncy, he was his usual self. Now, five or so hours later I came into the living room from unloading the groceries and I see that he had an accident on the rug (so not like him…even when he just can’t hold it, he goes by the back door, not in the middle of the room). I didn’t yell at him (he was left home with the hubby and he’s notorious for not remembering to let him out).

When I put him outside though, he just sat down in the grass with his head hanging. He wouldn’t come to me, wouldn’t even look at me, he just kind of wobbled there while sitting. Eventually, he laid down. The hubby then went out and picked him up and carried him inside – he was totally limp and breathing kind of weird.

So we wrapped him in his blanket and put him on a pillow on the floor. The hubby was laying down with him and blamo, he puked. Twice. I’m assuming it was breakfast since he hasn’t had anything but two dog cookies since he got home. So now he’s just laying there, on the floor, totally lethargic.

So now we’re just keeping an eye on him to see if we have to take him to the emergency vet. I know something is up though since the kitkat is staying close to him (and they’re not that close) and the pupster isn’t closing his eyes and resting, he’s just laying there staring off into space. The only time those two can have a good snuggle is when the pupster isn’t feeling well and won’t growl the kitkat away.

So please, keep him in your thoughts. With luck this isn’t anything more than an upset stomach.

6 thoughts on “Poor Little Guy

  1. Laura

    OH NO! Mine was the same way yesterday. She’s 17 though. So, we are encountering all kinds of new issues.

    I hope he’s feeling better. Sometimes I just wish they could tell us what’s wrong!

  2. Anitra

    awwwww… poor doggie. Have you called the people you boarded with to see if any of the other doggies are coming down with a sickness? Maybe that’ll help you narrow down what’s wrong. 🙁

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