The Pupster is Better!!

Two hours later he was right as rain. It started with the kisses, moved on to tail wagging and then went to full on moving about and chasing the kitkat around. I gave him a scrambled up egg for dinner (just an egg, nothing added).  We took him out for a brief walk, just up to the corner and he was a full on walking force to be reckoned with.

I’m actually wondering if it was a reaction to the manure/fertilizer the landscapers laid last week. All last week I walked him so he wouldn’t walk on it and wiped his paws down before he came inside. When the hubby let him out yesterday while I was still out, he was out and about on the grass/manure and the hubby didn’t wipe his paws off. By the time I came home, he was liking his paws.

I think I remember something similar like this last year (or the year before) regarding the manure/fertilizer. I don’t remember the specifics just thinking something like “hmm…surely they wouldn’t use fertilizer with something in it with their dog, our dog and the grandbaby running around.”  I have a feeling though that they don’t really think about that since their dog has it’s own fenced in area and the grandbaby spends most of his time on the blacktop riding his bike.  Either way, seems very strange, but I’ll keep a close eye on things and learn from my mistakes.  Hopefully, the lawn guys come today and will cut and bag that crap.

We’ll keep an eye on him though and thanks SO much for thinking good thoughts.

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