My First Meme Here…

Anitra over at I Love a Kiwi has tagged me for my very first (non-LJ) meme.  The name of the game is coming up with 7 Random and/or Weird Facts about myself, then tagging seven other bloggers to do the same. (I don’t think I know seven other bloggers to tag – so if you’re interested, just feel free to do this on your own).

  1. While in grad school, I worked as a phone sex gal telephone actress – super easy work and good money.
  2. I’ve only kept in touch with one friend from high school (though I did just track down another friend a few weeks back) and have no desire to attend any of my class reunions (including our 20th next week).
  3. I only add salt to 4 things (without first tasting it) – anything egg, anything Mexican, homemade chicken noodle soup and anything potatoes – otherwise, I could care less about salt.
  4. I seem to have a pretty horrible memory for people – I’ve been known to meet people  2+ times and never, ever recall the previous time I met them.  Worse still, I would up living with a guy (roommate) that I went out with and fooled around with once 2-3 years prior to meeting him again.  Five years later, as I was driving across country, I finally (FINALLY!) realized that they were one and the same person.   Talk about being fucked up.
  5. I can easily read a book in one day – especially if it’s anything chick lit – but rarely will I remember a thing about the book I just finished.  Which also means I’d more than likely repurchase or reread the book and not figure it out until I’m nearly finished (see above).
  6. I have a purse fetish.  Lucky for me, I recognize it and can avoid going crazy.  Thing is, you’ll often find me petting purses when I’m out shopping (it seems that the more expensive it is, the more I cuddle and pet).
  7. I love, love, LOVE children, but I honestly have no real desire to have any of my own.  That said, since I’ve been around kids since I was 12 or so, I go crazy when I go longer than a month without loving some kids – luckily I have friends that need babysitters 😉

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