Yeah, Sure I’m Thankful

Thankful to finally be out of that fucking car! What the hell were we thinking driving to Tucson and back?!?!

And who the fuck thought it was a good idea to close so many freeway exits without signs to show you where to go? Or, I don’t know, closing two freeways, at the intersection and at least 3-5 corresponding exits in each direction…good idea?!?! Fuck no!

I spent way too much time exploring the Inland Empire and Orange County tonight. Way too much fucking time.

I’m sleepy…must go to sleep. So, so, SO happy to be home and staying home for the next however long. Traveling by car, with just a quick overnight and then back on the road…yeah, that sucks. Big time!

Happier thoughts once I wake up late, late, late tomorrow!

PS – Geggie you rock! Cafe Poca Cosa was awesome! 😀

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