I Love Our Landlords

But (you knew this was coming)…but, they have a habit of doing stuff and never letting us know.  Sometimes this means we wake up to the sound of the world being torn apart at the wall where our heads lay (they were ripping out their old, outdoor stairs and replacing them).  Other times, like today, it means that I’ve got things to do that require water – showering, washing dishes, drinking – and they turn it off without giving any warning.

So here it is, noon, and I’ve got some place to be in a little over an hour and well, I can’t shower.   I don’t mind that they’re doing repairs or upgrading things, but would it hurt to give us a little advanced notice?  The time they ripped out the stairs it scared us so much (at 9:00am or so on a Saturday) that I’m surprised we didn’t have heart attacks.  Had they let us know in advance, we wouldn’t have shaved years off of our lives and we would have prepared for it.

Oh well, it’s the price we pay for renting and well, here in SoCal, there’s not much else to do with the crazy housing market we’ve got going on.

And speaking of SoCal…I found out – when we were up in Sonoma of all places – that neither Glendale or Burbank are considered to be in the Valley.  Why?  Merely because they don’t rely on LA to provide their services – we have our own libraries, fire departments and police.  Therefore, we’re not considered to be in the SFV.  Who knew?

1 thought on “I Love Our Landlords

  1. melanie

    This morning I thought our fridge had died – which would make sense because our land lord is gone for a couple weeks and things always die when he is away (one February it was the heat!) Also, I wasn’t looking forward to telling him about it and being blamed for ‘breaking the fridge’. Luckily I was mistaken (it just decided to stop working last night and needed to be turned to the coldest temp to jump start it) but I understand about land lords.

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