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I’ve heard this women’s group mentioned a time or two.  The first time I heard about it, I got the impression that it was just for creative, LA-types.  More recently, someone outside of LA mentioned it and I got a totally different impression.  So now I’m considering joining up.

I’m poking around the website to get to get a feel for things and to learn about the membership process, but I’m not finding it to be as informative as I’d like.  So before I sign up or ask to be contacted by someone, I’d love to hear from anyone that’s either gone through the program or maybe even knows someone that’s gone through it.


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  1. Rebecca

    I’m going to go through the Incubator in January, and I know a few women who have gone through it. I’d be happy to pass along any questions you have to the AZ leader, if you’d like!

  2. Nancy M

    Hi there I did the incubator in New York Citythe Summer of 2005. I am a Coach U trained Professional Coach.
    Additionally I have another business with Nuskin Enterprises that has a little “wrinkle eraser” cellulite deleter that is building another income stream for me AND I look so much better.

    Thinking of doing the incubator?
    Don’t think: Just do it.
    You will get liftoff and a wonderful network of friends.
    If you want to know more contact me.

  3. Berit Oskey

    I completed the incubator last spring and really enjoyed it. It’s very inspiring to work with these women. The ongoing networking group is a fantastic way to get support for your business (or potential business).

  4. Kim Drosdick

    Hi Kat, I went throught the incubator this past January and have only great things happen. I am a Florida-born, Toronto-based jewelry designer and have been making jewelelry professionally for the last 6 years.

    I was ready to take my life and carreer to the next level and open my own boutique and studio where I design and make all my work. Two months after I finished the incubator I did just that. It is a combination of you and the tools of the incubator that lets it work for you. I really feel that you get what you put in.

    Regardless, how much fun is it really to get together with the girls and do what we do best, talk, about our goals and plans and how to make it happen!

    Do it! If nothing else you have a network of women who support and care about you and have a real interest in seeing you succeed!

    All the best,
    Kim Drosdick

  5. Jamie

    I am a proud incubator “graduate.” Entering the incubator is like lighting several little jets under your career and being lifted off at light speed! Even if you aren’t sure what you want to do next, the group will empower you, and leave you certain that there are more options than you ever dreamed were possible. Your network will balloon, and you’ll suddenly have this incredible “family” of women whom you can message or email (or call) in the middle of the night with those “OMG, what do I do now?” moments. Everyone helps everyone, and is really excited about doing it. Yes, it’s possible that your first session will leave you thinking, “OK, that was nice and all, but is it important?” Just wait. You will see. I have yet to meet an incubator grad who doesn’t think it’s one of the best career moves she’s ever made!

  6. Erin Saul

    DO IT! Seriously.

    I already had an idea and a business and a website, but needed a spark of inspiration and an infusion of new energy and ideas, and there was Ladies Who Launch!

    I incubated in San Francisco in September and can’t recommend it enough. It’s not just for creative types, but for every woman to discover a new way to create and conduct her business…

    I know I sound like I drank the Kool-Aid, but really: DO IT.

    I’m totally available for more gushing and specific details, should you want to chat.

  7. Petti Van Rekom

    I finished my incubator in October and am continuing to take advantages of the information and resources. I was also concerned that so many members see to have products to sell – while will offer an online service. The incubator is not a business development course – it is part support group and part extremely helpful resource. I highly recommend it as a vital process of starting and growing your own business.

  8. Amy Finnigan

    As Erin says, it probably sounds like I drank the Kool-Aid too, but sometimes you can’t deny something so sweet and juicy. My incubator had the same spirit as these comments; enthusiastic and helpful. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get feedback and assistance with developing your business, and if you join the Ongoing LWL group afterwards, you get the opportunity to connect with the type of passionate and sincere gals that you see here. We don’t get anything out of recommending this to folks, it’s just THAT good and positive of an experience. Sort of like the same way that I love to introduce people to Fiberwigs mascara or Trader Joe’s frozen chocolate lava cake; it’s making the world a happier place for ladies everywhere.

  9. Ramona Russell

    My name is Ramona Russell and I am the founder of Uptown Liz (a referral shopping website company) and Type A Solutions (a marketing and public relations company). I first heard about Ladies Who Launch at a women’s conference where Sacramento Leader, Whitney Roberts, was hosting a booth. I was intrigued by this tiny, sassy brunette wearing a pink boa at a very pink booth (especially since I don’t normally buy pink). I loved Whitney’s down to earth and honest style. Although I had already started Type A Solutions, I attended a mixer last December at Whitney’s house. I was immediately attracted to the type of women who are in Ladies Who Launch. Despite different backgrounds, cultures, ages and lifestyles, these women all had great energy and something I had been searching for in my work – PASSION. Being a social person who had worked in the marketing and public relations field for years, I’m rarely uncomfortable or intimated in social settings, but this was the most welcoming place (in business) I had ever been.

    I joined the next incubator and had one of the best experiences of my life. I went in there with not knowing what I would get out of it, and left with not being able to put into words everything I did get it out of it. I was given instant respect, admiration and support for my business skills and ideas and more importantly I made friends. What soon followed was my main client base coming from the members of the Sacramento chapter who then referred me on to others.

    In March I brought up a business idea I had been playing around with to a friend who strongly encouraged me to pursue it. I incubated my second business in May and formed a focus group with other ongoing members to help get my business launched soon after. On July 17th of this year Uptown Liz was born, and it has taken off so fast I can barely keep up with it. The ladies here in Sacramento have been very supportive and the contacts on the Ladies Who Launch website have been amazing for my business. Whitney is an amazing leader who is very supportive to everyone in the program. She has great ideas and has been an intricate part in the launching of Uptown Liz.

    I have always had a passion for my work, but not at the level I do for my company Uptown Liz. Although I believe I would have launched this business eventually, I do not think it would exist now without the path I was put on by joining Ladies Who Launch.

  10. Catherine Howe

    My name is Catherine Howe, Founder & jewelry designer behind BEADIFUL I completed the Ladies Who Launch incubator last winter in Boston and continue to benefit from this powerful organization on a daily basis almost a full year later.

    LWL is a dedicated, nurturing network for women, in all stages of their business, who want to learn how to grow their business while helping other women to do the same.

    Whether you need a focus group to bounce your ideas off of or you’re finding that you need to work on your 15 second elevator pitch or if you just need advise on how to stay motivitated as a one-woman business during the quiter times of a start-up, LWL can provide you with all of this and much, much more!

  11. Ria Benedict

    Hi, Kat! I’m from the Washington, DC area and I LOVED my LWL incubator experience! I had just launched my business, I-LOVE-ME, LLC, at the end of August when I joined. It was amazing to feel all the great energy that comes from being in a group like that. It also helped me to reaffirm the HUGE vision I had for myself when I had a room of women who didn’t know me mirror back everything that I saw for the company.

    After the incubator program, I joined as an ongoing member and I am so glad I did! Being a member just continues to expose me to more and more fabulous, like-minded women who are nothing but positive. I love them dearly.

    Kudos to you for taking the time to explore this option. I sincerely hope you decide to join!

    Your in love & light,
    –Be loving, happy, yourself, free.

  12. Gabby Tyer

    Ladies Who Launch is GREAT! As soomone that owns my own business ( a real estate company) I have been members of tons of groups. This one by far is the BEST. I went to a live event with my financial planner because she knew I was launching a non-profit. It was the best thing I did that year. I went through the incubator and came out inspired, with great ideas, support and good friends.
    I am in NO way creative. My backgroud is in accounting. I was able to help with a good accountant, attorney the steps of setting up a business, marketing ideas and support. The creative types were able to help with the creative side of the process. Our group has a good mix of both. It really is about Women helping Women.
    My non-profit is now launched and if you go to the vendors page 7 out of the 8 vendors are all from Ladies Who Launch. I have more coming I am just waiting on their logos/info.
    Hope this helps with your decision.

  13. Christine Saunders

    I incubated in Orange County, CA in June and it was the thing I really needed to take my business to the next level. I am a floral designer for weddings and events, and I recently decided to go green with my business. I knew this would take me in a different direction, and thought that LWL could help me put my head around it. For the three years before August 2007 I was running my business with about 40 weddings/year as well as working full time in my professional career with a 3 hour daily commute. I was maxed out in all ways you can imagine. I switched to a different professional job while I was incubating, and that new job only lasted 2 months! Thanks to a tip from my incubator leader about the “Green” Architectural Digest Green Room for the Emmy’s I was able to get the job to do the flowers, which will be featured in December’s AD! I left my “career”, am following my passion, and its been rewarding in so many ways. The ongoing support of the LWL community is a great inspiration and I have learned so much from other LWL’ers, and my experience has encouraged two other business owners I know to incubate. I can’t wait to see the success that lies ahead of them!

  14. Jen Gorman

    Hi Kat! I am a LWL member as well — and would love to talk to you further if you have any questions about joining. It really is an incredible group of women! Please check out Wifeville ( and e-mail me anytime!

  15. Dani Nordin

    I went through the Incubator in Boston earlier this year when I was at a low point in my business (I do branding, graphic and web design for passionate entrepreneurs and green businesses). I was disheartened, confused and burned out from months of working my butt off for jobs that weren’t what I wanted to be doing.

    After just a couple of weeks into the Incubator, I had developed a new vision and focus for my business, and I started getting the types of jobs and clients I wanted almost immediately. I even introduced two of my friends to the Incubator, and they reported similar results. One just started a Reiki business and is doing well, the other finally took the plunge and took her silent partner out of her business; now she owns it outright, and she’s doing much better.

    Seriously, if you have a dream you want to pursue , I highly recommend Ladies Who Launch. Good luck!

  16. Regina

    Hi Kat! I joined LWL over a year ago. I was very skeptical at first. I feel that it really is something you have to experience for yourself. The thing that amazed me most, almost immediately, was that they create an environment where everyone in your Incubator is thinking about your project/idea and dreaming for you.

    So many times I have been involved in organizations where everyone there is trying to sell you their product or service and have no interest in helping you. LWL is the total opposite. By taking time to think about other people, you ultimately do help yourself, because the whole group is taking time to think about you and your idea.

    By being a part of the Incubator, I felt energized and more committed to my company because everyone gave me such wonderful feedback. With their help I was able to feel that my product really is amazing and it’s not just a select few that think so.

    It’s a great organization that you will want to stay connected with long after your Incubator is over.

    There’s my 2 cents!

    All the best,

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