I’d Like a Passport Please

Getting the hubby to take a moment out of his three weeks “vacation” to actually get a damn passport is like pulling teeth.  Thing is, we need to get one sooner rather than later.  We’re still considering a cruise in February (though he’s rethinking this since there’s some work changes in the new year and he doesn’t yet know how that will play out – I’ll give him this as a legit reason), we’re constantly invited down to Mexico to spend the weekend at Herbie’s vacation home, we’ve been invited to Japan more times than I can recall to tag along with Herbie’s current tour and more recently, we’ve casually been invited to attend Montreux Jazz Fest in Switzerland with Herbie.  And then there’s visiting my friend, Jo in Madrid where she teaches.

For all of these things…yeah, we’ll need a passport.  Mind you, his last day of vacation is Friday.  We need photos, we need birth certificates (I have them, I just need to pull them out), we need to fill out the application and we need to get to the post office before 2:00 today.  Um yeah, I don’t think he’ll be going today considering he’s a major moppet and needs a serious haircut and shave as well.  At least in my defense, I can go any day since I basically work from home.  He kinda can, since he can go into work at whatever time he wishes.  But still.  I’d just like to get the damn passport already.  Please.


My head feels thousands better!  It usually does by the time I take the second Imitrex.  Only the second Imitrex puts me over the edge and makes me crash in a big way.  Sadly, the need for the Vicodin is fairly new.  My head never used to hurt like it seems to hurt lately.  It seems to feel like my head is in two or more vices just squeezing with all it’s might and it seriously brings me to tears – and I’m not one to succumb to pain-induced tears much (oddly).   I would never have even thought of the Vicodin if my doc hadn’t prescribed it when I called in begging for the Imitrex saying that my head was killing me (in that case for over two days).  I’ve learned though, that it makes a huge difference.  Mind you, I should have gone to the chiro today and that would have made a difference as well.  I’m also considering trying acupuncture for migraines since I know first hand how well it works for lockjaw.  Anyone try this?


And thanks SO much to all the ladies that have found me today and left such informative and helpful comments regarding Ladies Who Launch.  I will definitely be following up with you guys.  I’m really, really interested in learning all I can about LWL now.


Busy day today.  The pupster is getting groomed (talk about being a moppet).  I have some more pre-Thanksgiving prep to do – I’ve made the gingerbread for the trifle and will make the pudding today so it’s all set to assemble tomorrow, I made brownies last night before the migraine got too crazy (hey, I think I was in so much pain yesterday that I may have even spelled it incorrectly – yikes!), all I’ll have left to do tomorrow is make the cornbread casserole – woohoo!

I’m also meeting a friend out in Pasadena in a bit for some baby shower gift shopping, lunch and catching up.   Between Bunco and book club we see each other twice a month, but we have November off from both and she wasn’t able to make the last book club,  so I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen her.   Should be a fun lunch.  Hopefully she’ll bring the little one along too.

And now, I’m off to dig up those birth certificates – wish me luck!

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