It Takes Just a Little Getting Used To

I’ve been a fan of Firefox for quite a few years now.  Since upgrading to Panther though, it keeps crashing out on me – regardless of how many tabs I have open or how many additional programs I have open.  So today, I complained, yet again, to the hubby and asked him how to delete it so I could re-install it.

Surprisingly, he had me delete Firefox and install Flock.  For the most part, it’s your basic tabbed browser so all is good.   The cool part, it’s not crashing on me and it runs tons faster than my Firefox was running.  It does take some getting used to though – especially the add a new tab button.  Dude, it’s on the far right!!  And of course, I keep looking for the button on the far left.  This is all so reminiscent of our new faucet that somehow change sides for the temps.

I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it though.  It’s new it’ll just take some playing around time to get used to things as well as to just learn how things work.  It’s multi-media intuitive, which I’m sure some may like.  Me, I’m going crazy with the stupid little banner opening up every.single.time I open anything with RSS feed capability – hello, that’s a LOT of blogs and sites.  I also miss my auto-fill button, but since that’s really a Google toolbar thing I’m sure I figure out how to install that again.

Now, if only I could figure out how to get my damn drop-down thingies working again.  It sure makes it challenging to edit the authorship on my group blog or write emails from anything other than my standard gmail addy.  But hey, I’ve got a couple more days to figure it out (before I force my hubby to do it for me out of frustration).

And can you believe it…it’s already Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Yikes!  Where has the year gone?

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