Good Lord I’m Tired!

We just came back from a two-hour long walk (give or take!)  Granted, part of that walk included visiting the snack bar at the Autry Museum so the hubby could have some lunch, but still.  It was quite pleasant and just the right temperature for a long walk (my jacket could have been the slightest bit lighter weight — I think I’m going to ask for a sleeveless vest for Christmas for times like this).

I have to say though, as lovely as Griffith Park is – and trust me, it is a lovely park – it’s not the easiest thing to get to from our house.  While they have plenty of bike paths at the side of the road, they’re actually frequently by many bike riders and don’t take kindly to little pupsters in their lanes.  They also have horse trails which are usually quite lovely to walk along, especially with the pupster, but again, not the easiest to get to.  Any way you cut it, you either have to walk a half mile or out of the way to get on the trails, or you have to cross over the freeway, including both the on- and off-ramps,  with no real sidewalk to speak of.  Kind of scary (and the reason why we never ride our bikes through Griffith Park).  If only there was just a slightly easier, less life-risking way to enter the park out our way.

By the time we started heading home it was about 45 minutes to an hour away from sunset.  We were tempted to stay out by the zoo a bit later so we could walk the Light Festival, but we were in dark clothes and I’d like the safety light for the pupster at home.  Plus, to be honest, I just wasn’t up  for another hour of waiting or walking.  We’ve got a month, we’ll do it another evening.


The hubby goes back to work tomorrow. On one hand I’m kinda sad as I’ve really enjoyed having him around all day and night. On the other hand, the house is a mess. When he’s home, he has a habit of just putting stuff wherever he is. So there are piles of crap everywhere. I actually look forward to cleaning up so I can get the Christmas decorations up.  To say nothing of this office – it’s beginning to look like it belongs to one of those little old ladies that horde things, complete with paths to our two desks…scary!  Mind you, half the boxes are six-packs of wine, but whatever (I think everyone should just get wine for Christmas this year).


So it looks like my dream house has sold *big sigh* Of course, I’m telling myself that this just means that the Universe has something much more suitable in mind for us.  And of course, my husband’s dream home is still on the market with a HUGE price reduction, but still out of our price range – though I did immediately volunteer to get a full-time job so that we could afford this house, but the hubby just shook his head and laughed (I was serious too!)


And as just a couple of follow ups…we did manage to get to the post office and process our passport applications (which prompted our friend to remind us that Herbie will more than likely be doing the (Caribbean) Playboy Jazz Cruise in early ’09; I not only finished my book club book early, but I’m half way through a Meg Cabot.  I’m a tad nervous, but I will be working on making some changes in the blog either today or tomorrow.  So if for some reason it should disappear, don’t worry, I’ll somehow (get the hubby to) fix it.

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