Five Days Left of NaBloPoMo *whew*

And yes, I just now went through my friends over there and added a bunch of new blogs to my reader. I can’t wait! My reader says that I have 219 new posts to read.

And because half of the search terms here are usually for actual KitKats I thought I’d have my friend bring some back when she went to Japan.  While I’m not really a fan of the actual KitKat, I know a photo op when I see one – and I give the people what they want.  So here is the obligatory, wacky-flavored KitKats from Japan.  There was vanilla, kiwi, caramel and we think, hazelnut – could have been coffee since it felt very espresso-bean-y to me, but it was in Japanese so who knows.  They were definitely interesting to taste, that’s for sure.  And man, those Japanese can be crazy with their wacky flavorsTalk about obsession.


I finally got around to getting the Herbie pictures off my camera.  Sadly, since I wasn’t using flash, they all suck – but at least shrunk down to this itty bitty size you don’t notice exactly how blurry it is (or so I tell myself).  This was during the encore at the Tucson show since I only got to shoot a couple photos during sound check in SF (and that batch is even worse than this batch).  If only I could post some of the backstage or personal photos, but I don’t think his management would be too keen on that (especially considering I don’t have any sort of copyright or protections on my photos).  I’ve got one of love of Herbie an Carlos Santana and another with Herbie and my hubby.  Oh well.

Herbie Hancock Tucson Nov '07003.JPG

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