I Love Meg Cabot!

No matter how you slice it, I love me some chick lit and I love me some chick flicks. And well, Meg Cabot totally rocks. I just now finished Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (yes, I read it all today!) This is the second in a three part series (Big Boned is out now). Once again, I’m glued to the bed, turning page after page, just knowing that Heather is going to get into some sort of huge mess, all the while rooting her on (is that form of root correct or is some whacked out spelling?). Just enough suspense that I just can’t bear to put the book down – so much so, I made a crockpot dinner just so I wouldn’t have to take time out to cook.

I’ll admit that I’ve never read any of The Princess Diaries, but I did see the movies and loved them! My favorite Meg Cabot books are the ones she writes entirely through text message and email. She has such a style that you’re able to read an entire book written in short hand, slang and incomplete sentences and yet not miss anything in the storyline. That to me is just genius.

She’s just wacky enough that you can’t help but want to hang out with her. Just check out her blog and her Youtube videos. I assure you, you’ll want to be her friend too.

ETA:  Had to edit out the video since it was messing up my page format (I thought I had a media plug-in, but I guess not – or it didn’t survive the WP upgrade). 

2 thoughts on “I Love Meg Cabot!

  1. Geggie

    I love Meg Cabot too. It’s guaranteed good reading on the plane or a lazy day. I just got Missing You 1-800-Where-R-U? I just realized though that it’s from her teen books. Durh!

  2. Lisa

    I love her, too! I’ve been seeing that in the bookstores but was unsure about getting it. Will definitely buy a copy soon.

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