I’m Stumped

I have a birthday party for my friend’s first year this weekend (waves to M if she’s reading along). In lieu of gifts the parents are asking for something that represents his first year for a time capsule that they’ll open at his 18th birthday. I think this is a great idea, except for the fact that I’m stumped and totally clueless.

The hubby will be photographing the whole event, so on the one hand we’ll have photos to contribute, but I’d still like to have something giftie to include. I can be crafty and make a mean picture frame – but I can’t imagine an 18 y/o boy would want one of my frames. And if it comes down to it, I can write a wacky poem. But otherwise, really, I’m needing some help and a brilliant idea or three – Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


On a related note, I still have to come up with something for my best friend from high school. I didn’t get him a birthday present back in October (it happens from time to time – on his end as well) so it can be bigger than a typical Christmas gift. Years and years ago he used to collect penguins, but like anyone that has collected anything at one point, he’s over that. He’s getting married in June, but they just got engaged on his birthday and nothing is formalized (no honeymoon plans yet, not registered, etc.). I’ve done wine in the past, and have considered a food gift this year, but is that too impersonal? So again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS – is NaBloPoMo over yet?

4 thoughts on “I’m Stumped

  1. Emily

    Does it have to be about him? Or could it be something representing the past year generally? The latter is a lot easier to think of. You could do a list of top headlines, movies, albums, etc. Or even the price of gas, milk, etc.

  2. amusing

    Challenge A: a poem about the parents would be fun to read when you are 18 and you either think your parents are dorks or else you admire them for putting up with all the shit you’ve put them through over the last several years… Along with one of those end of year People Magazine round-up issues or something so they can have a laugh at Britney Spears (who? asks the 18 year old?) and all the other silly stuff that seems so very important to us in 2007.

    Challenge B: I hear tell you can buy wine and have them stick a custom label on it (as distinguished from the make your own wine and wait a few years for it option). Or, hell, you are crafty, so you could just buy a bottle or two and make your own labels (hmmm with penguins on it?) to glue over the existing ones…… And the back label could be a witty poem about the subject of the gift

  3. Kat

    How about burning a cd of a whole bunch of top ranking songs from the past year? I would think that would be really cool for an 18 year old to have… in 18 years when he gets it.

    I like Emily’s idea too. That will be interesting in 18 years – how much did everything cost the year he was born, from milk to real estate, what was in the news, who were the hot stars, that kind of stuff…

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