What’s Up with Blogger?

Or is it just me?  I’ve noticed today that whenever I go to comment on a blogger account I can’t seem to find the “other” option.  So now I can’t link back to my own blog and well, that’s just not fair or fun :pout:

So I ask my blogger friends, did they make some design change in the commenting section?  Is it possible to change things back to the way it used to be?  Or will all of us non-Blogger folks need to create Blogger accounts an then RSS feed our real blog in and turn off comments or something?

Or am I just a twit and am somehow through user error just blind and missing the whole thing?

6 thoughts on “What’s Up with Blogger?

  1. Geggie

    Ya know…I did notice something a lil’ different, but I’m a “blogger” so it doesn’t change my stuff.

    But…you know…Blogger is Google is Gmail. So, if you have a gmail account, just use that login.

  2. Anitra

    I’ve noticed this too… but when I comment I do this in the nickname field:
    Anitra (www.iloveakiwi.com)
    A girl’s gotta find ways to plug her site! hee hee.

  3. Rebecca

    I just looked everywhere I could find on my Blogger thing, and I can’t find a way to change it. My comments are set so that anyone can comment. I don’t know what to do!

  4. Rebecca

    And, I’m back for a third time! I forgot to mention that I don’t actually have a gmail account either. My “google” account is linked to “[email protected]”. I use it so I can have an iGoogle homepage and use the Google Docs. My blogger ID is my personal email as well. This allows people to respond directly to me when I comment on blogger, even though I don’t have gmail.

    Does that help at all?

  5. Kat

    Rebecca – sorry to freak you out. Turns out after I left that comment that I realized it wasn’t just your site – hence my post.

    Anitra – that’s a brilliant idea! I’m going to have to do something like that as well, I guess. A couple times I used my blog name as my nickname, and other times I left a link at the bottom of my comment. And the one time yesterday, I left a comment in Rebecca’s blog (she link to her cool blog in her name above) asking if she made those changes.

    Geggie – Yeah, but leaving a link back to an empty account (my gmail/blogger account) doesn’t do as much as linking back to my actual blog. Hopefully they’ll fix it or someone will come up with a plug-in that addresses it.

    I’m just so glad to know it wasn’t just me. It’s really cut back on the comments I’ve been leaving for folks since I want comments/visits back, ya know?

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