A Good Hair Day

Ever notice how your hair starts acting up so you decide, “okay, I need a haircut”  and then you start having the most wonderfully magnificent hair days? Ever.  Well, I made my decision a week or so ago.  I made my appointment a couple of days ago.  So well, um, when do I get that wonderfully magnificent hair day???

Come on, the appointment is set for Thursday, it’s the least you can do to give me a week’s worth of awesome curls, right?  I mean what’s up with the bouffy, frizzy hair and the stick straight pieces at the FRONT of my face?!?!  That’s just wrong I tell ya.

I’m ready for my good hair day please.

1 thought on “A Good Hair Day

  1. melanie

    Maybe it just means you really do need a hair cut? I always get my hair cut when it looks too good and then spend weeks hating it and wonder why I do that to myself.

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