Holy Close Call Batman!!

I just now got back from dropping my clothes at the laundromat.  While they were going through the wash cycle, I ran errands – the dry cleaner, the grocery store, etc.  I pulled up to the curb, gathered my bags and clothes and realized that the front door was open!  Not wide open, but let’s just open wide enough with plenty of room for a kitkat and a pupster to escape and search for their mama!

I call out to the pupster and there he is, snuggled in on the pile of coats that we sometimes use as a chair.  I ask him where the kitkat man is (and yes, I do talk to my boys!) and there he was on his tower just looking out the window like he was waiting for me to return.  Talk about lucky!

Mind you, I’m sure they both went outside and did a little exploring.  I was gone for nearly an hour.  But I’m so thankful to know that they’re right at home as if they’re the bestest, most well behaved boys in the world.  They must’ve been speaking with Santa recently! 😉

1 thought on “Holy Close Call Batman!!

  1. Geggie

    Whoa!  Close one for sure!  Once last year I was home on a Saturday and late in the afternoon I ran out to do errands and opened the front door and our big cat came running in from the yard.  I was a mess….considereing she’s an indoor cat and must have scooted out hours before when I checked the mail!  Close call indeed!

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