Santa We Have Ship Off!

I did it! I spent a couple of hours last night wrapping like a fiend.  Today I boxed it all up and headed to the post office.  Overall, the line wasn’t so bad.  Granted, I’m not so happy about having spent nearly $40 on top of the gifts to ship the box to my former roomie.  But whatcha gonna do, right?  If I’d been on the ball, I could have shipped it last week for probably half the price (damn that Priority shipping!)

But it’s done.  And that’s just half the Christmas battle.  Now I just have a few things to pick up for the nieces- and nephew-in-laws and I’m completely done shopping. Far from done wrapping, but hey, it’s a start and I do still have a week until I need to present the presents (hehe) live and in person.

Now if only I could find some elves to come and do my dishes and clean my kitchen.  Then I’d be a happy Christmasy camper!

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