Speaking of Christmas Shopping

I tend to do all of the holiday shopping for us.  Even for the gifts my hubby buys me,  I usually have to create a very precise online list (or give him a slew of options for something specific, like a watch, through Amazon).  So while I’m out and about shopping for others, I often find things that I’d like for myself.

Sometimes, like today, I just buy it (new PJs from Old Navy – 50% off, very cute and quite comfy).  But it’s got me thinking…should I just wrap it and put it under the tree and you know, pretend it’s a gift?  When you think about it, since it comes from First National Bank of Husband it’s as if he’s buying it anyway, right?

Or is that just too goofy?

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Christmas Shopping

  1. Michelle

    I was rather tempted to do that myself while I was out shopping for El Boyfriend and my kid today.

    I don’t consider myself difficult to shop for…everyone who knows me knows I am a Harry Potter fanatic. They know well enough not to buy me the books, because I buy them the second they’re released. But the movies? The peeps in my house KNOW that I have not purchased the movie for myself, and that I instead put it on my Christmas List.

    So when El Boyfriend took my kid Christmas shopping for me and they came home empty handed because my son didn’t know what to get me? Grumpy. And then when EB told me I’d have to take my son shopping for my own gift? Even grumpier.

    And today, ten seconds before I’m about to walk out the door to go Christmas shopping for them, EB says there’s no money for it, even though when we sat down and looked at the bank account we came up with SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS that I could spend today. Grumpiest of ALL.

    I believe I actually popped out with "F**k Christmas" at one point today.

    I’m saving myself a lot of aggravation next year. I’m just going to buy myself a plane ticket and celebrate Christmas with a bunch of Jamaicans. 

  2. Michelle

    Okay, so my previous comment looks bad.

    I should clarify that I didn’t get grumpy because boyfriend and kid didn’t buy me anything while they were out. I got grumpy because they couldn’t get along – a 47 y.o man and a 13 y.o. boy – for 20-30 minutes to do something productive, so they get home and I have to be in the middle sorting it all out.

    Being in the middle plus dealing with boyfriend’s general grichitude for this season is starting to wear on me. It’s hard feeling like I’m the only person in a house who actually wants to enjoy the season, and give, and see people HAPPY.

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