In the Cover of the Night

Since the hubby and I started taking the pupster out for regular walks late at night (like after 11:00 PM) I’ve noticed that the neighborhood is an entirely different place.  Our neighborhood isn’t overly busy, but we are on a pretty direct route so during rush hour, our street can get busy.

On Tuesday nights the local Mexican restaurant has open mic night and when you walk by, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside, there are clusters of musicians, singing, drumming or strumming their guitars.  On the weekends the teenagers are hanging out at the bowling alley and people are coming and going  in all manner of weekend-going-out attire.

Late at night though, there’s usually no one around except for the few fellow dog walkers,  the leagues finishing up at the local bowling alley and the occasional coyote or two.   I think favorite part would have to be the amazing scents that fill the night air. In the summer it’s jasmine and magnolia and in the winter it’s the rosemary shrubs and the fireplaces.

In the cover of the night, it really is an entirely place.

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