There’s Just Something About Full On Holiday Light Displays

Griffith Park does an awesome job on their holiday light display.  We go every year, though most of the time we try to avoid the long waits – so go that first week or so, or anytime after Christmas.  Last night, the hubby surprised me with this year’s trip after we had dinner.
There’s just something about a display of lights so large that you stay in your car to see it all.  A display that takes nearly two months to build. A display where people will wait in a line for hours just to experience.  I mean, there are even lights that you actually drive through.  And they twinkle!  What’s more fun than that I ask you?
There are still a few days left, so stop by if you’re in the area.  To make the most of the experience I suggest parking and walking over driving it – just be sure to dress warmly.  But if you are going to drive, be sure to roll down your windows to be able to hear the holiday music.  And a cup of hot cocoa wouldn’t hurt 😉
I took some pictures, but since I didn’t use any tripod and we were in a slowly moving car, they’re not the best.  But you get the idea.





I think the elves are my favorite part – especially the playful peeking ones.


Looks just like a Lite Brite picture doesn’t it?

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