LWL: Week 2 Homework

Okay, better late then never, right?

Last week’s ongoing homework assignment you might recall was to take notice of forward movement (still more amazing things happening with this), taking time to do nice things for ourselves (this is actually quite easy for me, but surprisingly, some gals in my group had challenges with this), and lastly, to keep cleaning up that junk to allow for more to flow into our life (this I’m still working on).  The big assignment was to write Grand Visions for each other.

I had fun writing these visions for others, but I was a little afraid of how it would go reading and allowing the ones written for me.  I was mostly afraid because I wasn’t sure I presented myself all that well or clearly (since my head was in a strange place).  But really, I should have known it would all work out.  I was thrilled and motivated by the visions that were created for me.

Since receiving my visions I have taken quite a few forward moving steps…first and foremost, finding someone to run my previous business for me; I’ve got an author interview set up for next Monday for my site’s blog; finally wrote a batch of heartfelt thank you’s for my friends that have supported me through some recent stuff; contacted someone regarding their web design (I’m loving that simple, elegant look; and thanks to this week’s homework (outlined below) I’ve got a list of women to contact regarding writing for my site’s blog and products for giveaways.  Overall, not bad movement for a Wednesday!

So for this week’s assignments, we have to do the following:

  • Inform 5 people (strangers, friends, biz relations, etc) about our new launching business – I’ve told a few folk, but I really need to hunker down and throw some intention and purpose behind it.
  • Create a list of 4 needs (can be related to the launch – mine were) and 2 secret weapons to share with our group and answer each and every need for each member – I loved this exercise!  Just actually sitting down and asking for something and getting suggestions and answers instead of just trudging along as is and getting nowhere. Again, just putting it out there has already brought me some returns – I was contacted today by someone that would like to blog for me – yay!
  • Create my elevator speech – you know, that 15 or so second response to “so, what do you do?” I still have to work on mine.  I’m a little stuck though as I’m not sure if I want to focus on my site’s blog (so that can start working on it’s own) or my launch biz so I can start feeling like I’m doing some fulfilling work – well gee, when I put it that way, I guess I’ll be focusing on the launch project 😉  I love that it’s supposed to short, sweet and tot he point…1) I am ___.  2) I do ___  3) for ___ .4) I need ___.  You can’t go wrong with that model to follow.  Here’s what I’ve got “I am LABG and I work with women to help them rediscover joy in their lives.  I need women who want to make changes in their life and live joyfully.”  Okay, that was off the top of my head, it could probably be better, but it’s a start.
  • And lastly, create a description of each person in the group – this piggy-backs on last week’s shared visions a bit.  We can use adjectives, a slogan or zippy saying or whatever creative expression comes our way. I still need to work on this one as well.

I’m sure you can see how this incubator just pumps you up and motivates you each week.  It’s fun.  It’s focused.  And it gives you just the kick you need to get moving and get stuff done.  I really look forward to each session.  I wonder what happens when our four weeks are up??

1 thought on “LWL: Week 2 Homework

  1. Rebecca

    Isn’t it freaking invigorating? My incubator is up this weekend, and I’m incredibly bummed. I want it to continue on forever. However, I’ve made a few friends within the group that will definitely last beyond the group (my first friends since moving here!!!!!!!!), so it’ll continue on. I’m also joining the Ongoing Incubator, the year-long program, so that I can go to monthly meetings and keep on keeping on.

    YAY LWL!

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