Seven-Word Wisdom

I was reading about this seven-word wisdom over at the NYT.  Lest you think I actually read the NYT, I followed a biz blog link to the article – trust me, I’m not that wordly. But this blog thing, that’s an entirely different story.

I think it’s a great concept.  Basically, you create 2-3-2 word sequences sharing advice.  What fun, right?  Considering I have to create descriptions for my fellow launchers, I thought this might put me in the right creative frame of mind.

Here are a couple of mine.  Mind you, this kind of speaks to where my head is at (sorta)…

Don’t procrastinate.  Get things done. Much easier.

Think positive. Good things come.  Let go.

Avoid negativity.  Not your shit.  Their perceptions.

 Here are a couple that resonated with me…

Stand up. When you fall. Stand up again.

 Be present. Embrace goodness. Celebrate life.

Share freely. Don’t expect reciprocation. Be surprised.

What seven-word wisdom do you have to share?



2 thoughts on “Seven-Word Wisdom

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Oh that’s a good one. I did end up doing these for the gals in my Ladies Who Launch group and they loved them. They were fun to write as well.

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