Well I’m Just Little Miss Chit Chat Today

But I’m just so excited…I just emailed off about 15-20 requests to various women in small businesses!  Why, you ask?  Because I’m hoping to find some experts that would be willing to blog about their field, their services or their products in exchange for reaching a mass amount of women reading their words and visiting their sites.  Free advertising for a few words.  Works for me (and I’d sure as hell do it if someone asked – and if I had a product to sell).  I’m also hoping to get some sweepstakes swag so I can get some sweeps going on the site (in hopes of bringing in new members baby!)

See, I’m just all business today.  I also contacted one publisher regarding an email interview I’d like to conduct (she’s out of the office today though) and I still have to write up some interview questions for the author I’m interviewing on Monday.  Otherwise, I just need to sit down and finish my LWL homework for tomorrow’s class.

It has been a busy and yet productive Friday if I do say so myself (too bad I never did get to the bookkeeping stuff – oh well, there’s always next week).

Yikes, the hubs just IM’d saying that he wants to go to a show tonight at the Mint. Must get busy!!!

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