*Ack* I’m Feeling a Tad Uninspired

I’m meeting a local author tomorrow in the late morning for an audio interview over coffee.  In the end, she’s someone that I know personally (meet her through Junior League) and she’s a total hoot, so I know it will go well.

But…and there’s always a but…I can’t for the life of me think of any questions to ask her.  I read the book (and loved it!) and I’ve read her other book (and loved it), but really, nothing seems to be coming to me.  While I know the conversation will flow smoothly (or laughingly) I still need to have a bit of an outline to go by.

Doesn’t help that we’ll be sharing a mic.  And let’s keep in mind, the last (and first) time I did an author interview, well, there were mishaps.  We went through the entire interview only to realize that I accidentally muted the recorder and didn’t realize it until it was too late. So needless to say, it took us twice as long to do the interview, but at least it went smoothly and she was a great sport.

So wish me well.  Of course some motivation and burst of creativity and inspiration wouldn’t hurt either 😉

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