Is it Just Me…

Or has this week just blown on by?  I’ve been behind in my blogs all week – to the point that no matter how many I read, every time I look, my Reader says I have 100 (give or take) still to read.

One of our LWL homework assignments was to create a list of five things that we need to accomplish this week (biz related) and you know, accomplish them.  Um, I’ve only done one thing.  Though in my defense, I’ve done it to excess – I said I’d contact 5 potential blog writers and I reached out to 16!  I have meetings scheduled with two of them next week and have that second interview to work through as well.

And of course, this isn’t even counting the rest of my LWL homework I still have to do – my vision, re-do one of my elevator speeches and I still have to finish up my gifties for everyone.  I also have to make a fruit salad for tomorrow’s final meeting/party.  Whew, I’m tired already and it’s only 11:00!

Oh yeah, I also have a reading to do in a bit (assuming she can still do it since she left some wacky message about being confused with the times).  I don’t do many readings any more, so once I finish up here I’ll need to get myself in the right frame of mind.  And of course, looking around casually while I type, I don’t see my cards jumping out at me.  No wait, found them.

And in frazzled closing…our upright freezer (you know, FULL of food) died last night.  I heard a weird noise, then a weird smell.  And well, now our FULL freezer is useless and of course, we have buttloads of food to throw out, including the yummy soup I made the other night with all intentions of freezing.  I don’t get it though, we had an upright when I was a kid (back in the day when shit lasted, I’d guess) and that thing was rock solid for years and years.  I don’t think it died until I was in my mid-20’s.  And this piece of crap, not even five years!  That’s just wrong.

Okay, time for me to get busy.  Happy Friday to you all!

2 thoughts on “Is it Just Me…

  1. whirlingwords

    I agree – the week has gone by super fast. Always seems to happen that way when I have loads to do and no motivation! What sort of ‘reading’ – tarot cards? I learn something new about you every day!!! Have a great weekend (:

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Whirling Words – thanks for stopping by (yes, I know I’m like a week late to reply back to comments…hanging head in shame). This week seems to be blowing by again – probably because I have something planned for nearly every day.

    And yes, I do readings (though not so much since moving to SoCal). For the most part, I’m pretty intuitive, so I avoid the Tarot (or I get caught up on the actual, ages old meaning of the card. When I do use cards, they’re more rorschach inkblot-like and they don’t have any particular meaning or definition to them. Much easier to get the info I need without getting hung up on rest of the crap. If that makes sense.

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