Madder and Madder, Hotter and Hotter

We had our last Ladies Who Launch Incubator yesterday.  It was quiet nice. Amy Swift was there to talk about what LWL can do for us now that we’re out of the incubator program.  She also encouraged me to lead some “round tables” on utilizing internet-based services to increase one’s online visibility.  I’m pretty psyched about that as 1) I feel like I have something that I’m knowledgeable about and love to share with people and 2) I have a way to jumpstart providing services and earing some big bucks (lol – gotta think positively!!)

The biggest part of yesterday’s gathering was to share our vision.  You know, that thing that I kept putting off and putting off?  Well, I finished it and I loved how it read. My only complaint with it, was that since I chose to write it as an “about her” kind of article, I wasn’t able to say “and she is rolling in the dough!” It just felt out of place. But I’m going to edit my own copy so it says something like that.  Again, just for that whole if you put it out there, it will come, belief.

After we shared our visions, we gave everyone a gift.  On one hand I thought this was a bit odd.  On the other hand, I get the meaning behind it…it’s all about affirming success and giving freely so you’ll be open to receive.  I had to keep reminding myself of that when I was considering what to get everyone.  I decided to go with some feng shui goodies…a three-legged frog that brings success in business, a Chinese coin for the frog’s mouth, and a jade charm to represent happiness (as money can’t buy happiness).  I presented it in a Chinese take-out box with a fortune cookie to go along.  Too bad the dog thought it was all for him and he devoured two of the boxes to eat the damn cookies.  I guess he needed some good fortune more than my friends.

In return I received some handmade soap and body butter (her new business), a new deck of cards for readings (this was a pleasant surprise to say the least), a Julia Sweeny DVD, a cool necklace representing the keys to success and happiness, and a beautiful poem.  I wanted to share the poem since it was so fitting with some of the crap I’ve been going through lately. I just loved it…

 And of course I am afraid, because
The transformation of silence into
Language and action is an act of
Self-revelation, and that always seems
Fraught with danger.  But my daughter,
When I told her of our topic and my
Difficulty with it, said, “Tell them
About how you’re never really a whole
Person if you remain silent, because
There’s always that one little piece
Inside you that wants to be spoken out,
And if you keep ignoring it, it gets
Madder and madder and hotter and
Hotter, and if you don’t speak it out one
Day it will just up and punch you in
The mouth from the inside

– Audre Lorde

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