Be Careful What You Wish For

A while back I’d been wondering to myself how I could defrost our small, stand-alone freezer (more than once). Well, on Thursday, it died a sudden (and stinky) death. I just now finally got around to emptying the thing.  We must be throwing out at least $100 or more of food (yes, tons of meat).  Talk about wasting stuff.

Now I need to contact a repair guy to see if it’s cost-effective to fix it, or to just run down to Costco to buy a new one.  This time though, I’m going to keep a list on the side of the freezer to keep track of what’s in there.  I totally forgot some of the stuff that we had in there and could’ve eaten – turkey burgers, lasagna, chili, stew, leftover roast – all vacuum sealed.


Our words and thoughts are very powerful.  So be careful what you wish for (or think out loud).  I guess this means that I can clean up over by the cat’s litter box and feeding tower since I can finally get in there now.  Oh joy.

Freezer Mishap

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