Some Folks Are Tough to Shop For

One of my husband’s oldest friends (and a close friend of mine) has her birthday this Sunday.  Luckily (for me at least, since I was totally unaware it was this weekend) she’s crazy booked with Grammy stuff.  In fact, her birthday is the day of the Grammy’s so she’s booked solid from the early morning until late at night.  This of course, leaves me plenty of time to figure out what to get her.

She makes good money and really wants for nothing.  I mean, she’s the type (like many of us, as we get older) that if she sees something and she wants it, she pretty much just gets it.  She doesn’t wait around for folks to buy her something.  This of course, makes it quite difficult to get her gifts.

Typically, I focus on the smaller, trivial, lower-priced things that I know she loves – such as her favorite Yankee candles that are discontinued, or her Coffee Bean addiction.  Sadly, she’s caught on to my ways and is now full-on stocked with  her Coffee Bean supplies and has far more candles than she knows what to do with.  Square One, what surprise to see you again.

So I’m considering getting her a wardrobe/image consultant or stylist.  Because of the industry, she’s always needing to be ready for one special event (award shows, black-tie galas, dinners with heads of state, you name it) or another.  And many times, it’s multiple events, like this weekend or when she goes to the White House or whatever.  So I’m thinking that having someone come in, look over her wardrobe, make some outfits, and maybe force influence her to wear clothes that fit instead of shopping for her size 10/12 bottoms and 3x tops (and no, she’s not busty, but she will buy tops in sizing larger than this plus-size gal will buy her tops in).

Thing is (and there’s usually a thing, isn’t there?) a service like this doesn’t come cheap.  So, I have to figure out if she’d commit to whatever she’d need to follow-up with on her end.  In other words, we could pay for the initial consultation and an additional hour or so, but that leaves everything else up to her.  Which makes me wonder, is this then a great idea for a gift, or a horrible waste of money?


No, I don’t expect any of you, dear readers, to know the answer to that important question – I’m merely thinking out loud.  But if anyone should have a fabulous idea for a gift, I’m all ears (and no, nothing beauty service or spa-related will work).  Man, some folks sure are tough to shop for.

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