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Before I decided to sign on with Ladies Who Launch, I wrote a blog post about it in my old blog.  I had asked if anyone had heard of it and if they could tell me something about it.  Well, I had about 20 or so responses to that post.  I figured a link had to have shown up somewhere, but I didn’t know where since my stats weren’t giving me any real details about it.

Well, in speaking with another LWLer on Friday (she plans to donate a piece of her jewelry to my site for a giveaway) she mentioned how folks found me.  Turns out, I made the LWL national newsletter!   This is kind of interesting considering that’s usually left for, you know, gals that I have done something like been on the Today show, or gotten their product in Lucky or something.  But nope, little ‘ol me made it in.

Now too bad I’m no longer using my old blog.  Oh well, it’s still pretty damn cool.  I’ll post their blurb about me below (editing out the previous blog information). They actually went in and did a bit of research on me as well – within the blog itself – considering they mentioned the online women’s community, where I live and the life coaching.  Only bit of mis-information was that they thought my blog was my community.

A curious blogger by the name of LA Blogger Gal, who runs an online women’s community, *insert blog name here*, out of San Fernando Valley, CA, wrote about her curiosity regarding LWL.  She has heard about our network a few times and is currently considering joining.  But on her blog she notes she is interested in hearing form someone who has gone through the Incubator process.  (She is thinking about launching a life coaching career soon.)

On her online community she says, “I’ve heard this women’s group (LWL) mentioned a time or two.  The first time I heard about it, I got the impression that it was just for creative, LA-types.  More recently, someone outside of LA mentioned it and I got a totally different impression …  So before I sign up or ask to be contacted by someone, I’d love to hear from anyone that’s either gone through the program or maybe even knows someone that’s gone through it.  Anyone?”

Anyone interested in sharing your experience as a LWL member with her, click on her blog link below and share your feedback.

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