Herbie Won Album of the Year!

This is absolutely awesome news!!  Of course, since the news has gotten out, his website has crashed every couple of minutes.  Of course, this meant we had to leave dinner in a rush to get home to fix it.

I guess you know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of days…approving new members on his site and approving new comments and friends on his myspace.  Should be a busy couple of days, but all worth it in the end.  I even volunteered to drive out wherever in the middle of God knows when to pick up our friend so she could enjoy her birthday and Herbie’s win.

7 thoughts on “Herbie Won Album of the Year!

  1. tearsinmycoffee

    Wait…did I miss something? How are you connected to Herbie/his website? He’s AMAZING, btw!

    I’m planning tech conferences in CA, with the next one in L.A. on Media and the Web. FUN STUFF and amazing people. I’m intrigued by what you’re doing…tell me more! 😉

  2. Kat

    Very cool. Yeah, the hubs is in the music industry (more on the concert and web-side of things) and one of his oldest friends is on HH’s management team. So we’re very excited and happy for them both. I still can’t get over what a prick Kanye is, but whatever.

  3. Tara

    I was there when they announced the Grammy nominations and Herbie was one of the presenters. i blogged about it and took photos 🙂 Although I have to admit I didn’t know who he was other than the Tommy Boy reference of him.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    Tara – very cool! I’ll have to go search out that post. Most folks (younger than 40) tend to know Herbie through RockIt – his big 80’s dance hit. I’m not a fan of jazz – at all – but I’ve really loved his last two albums (especially Possibilities).

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