Workin’ For a Living

While grocery shopping today, I got a frantic call from my friend.  She’s in dyer need of someone to answer the phones back at Herbie’s office.  So here I am.  For the next couple of days I’ll be answering the phones here.

For the most part, it’s pretty uneventful and some might say even boring.  It’s fascinating to hear them try to arrange an upcoming European tour as well as plan the all the upcoming TV events – The View, Leno, Kimmel, Letterman, etc.  Tomorrow I’ll be here while he’s doing the Tavis Smiley show.

Funny little story…while my friend was telling me who she’d accept calls from without question.  Of course, this was your standard list…lawyer, publicist, agent, blah, blah and then she goes on to tell me that if Quincy or Stevie call, then they go right through.  Cracked me up, like anyone would be stupid enough to not pass Quincy Jones or Stevie Wonder directly through to her.  Silly lady.

Okay, back to answering phones and creating a workshop list for my LWL round tables.

3 thoughts on “Workin’ For a Living

  1. isabel

    this gave me a laugh and I was imagining you answering the phones, asking them for their last name, as if who they are is not obvious.
    have fun on the phone. 🙂

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