Is it Wrong to Love a Trash Can?

If it is, then I’m just so wrong!

I got tired the other day of coming home time and again to find out that the dog (and his partner in crime, the cat) were getting into the trash.   If (and this is a big if), if I remembered to fully close the closet door, we were fine.  Sadly, that didn’t account for the hubster remembering to secure the door.  It also didn’t account for the fact that more often than not, the trash was over-flowing. I’ve now realized that it was so often over-flowing due to the poor design of the container.

So after 1) the pupster devouring an entire chicken carcass (this was a couple weeks ago – no ill side-effects) and 2) picking up the trash far too many times for my taste, I broke down and headed out to the mecca, Bed, Bath & Beyond.  As much as I love those shiny Simple Human cans, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money – especially not knowing if it would even fit in the little utility closet we have.  So instead, I picked up one of their less expensive, plastic versions.  With a lock!!!  Yes, it has a little lever you can slide to actually LOCK the lid so certain little, four-legged household members would be deterred.

Needless to say, I love my new trash can.  I mean, I full on, puffy-heart, l.o.v.e. the stupid thing.   The lock, what a joy!  The shape, is perfect.  Not only does it actually hold our trash (meaning it can hold a full week’s worth of garbage, not a mere couple of days worth like the other piece of shit can we were using), but the design seems to stop the little guy in his tracks (at least for now).

Who knew a simple trash can would make my day?

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