Workin’ For a Living: Day II

Yep, still hanging out at Herbie’s answering the phones – and it’s pretty low key here.  No, I haven’t gotten to speak with anyone famous (other than Herbie himself, that is, but that’s nothing new for me).   For the most part really, I’m just answering the phone and taking messages.  Good to know that my time as a telemarketer and phone sex gal has come in handy – I give good phone 😉

His computer is driving me crazy.  I don’t have hot corners set up on my Mac, but he does.  So anytime I’m anywhere off the Firefox window, the computer starts freaking out and wants to give me one of this hot corners.  It just keeps freaking me out man (but I’m crazy like that).

Otherwise, I have nothing much to say.  Oh, I forgot to say that I the other day, while working on our books (at a local restaurant) I saw Dog, the Bounty Hunter and his skanky wife.  I took a picture of him, but I haven’t done anything with it yet.  Which is a shame because it’s Wordless Wednesday and I miss not participating in Wordless Wednesday.

And now, I must start thinking about the roundtable sessions I’ll be leading on SEO and blogging (in two weeks) *eek*  Did I mention that I’m not really trained in either, but I have experience and a little knowledge that I’ve gleaned from reading lots of blogs and biz books.  Think that’s good enough?

Life Lesson:  Do NOT inhale right before answering the phone or you may be struck by a coughing attack.  A painful one at that…ow!

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