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I love to cook.  I love to bake.  Unfortunately, I have a teeny tiny kitchen with absolutely no counter space.  This puts a damper on my dreams of cooking and baking.  I also have a piece of shit stove and oven.  The temperatures are way off, I think the oven leaks, and it cooks horribly uneven.  Oh, and did I mention that we can’t use our stove or over from April to October because it creates too much heat and the walled AC unit doesn’t reach into the kitchen?!  Actually, it barely reaches beyond the living room where it’s walled, but that’s an entirely different story for a hot summer day.  Ahhhh, the joys of apartment living.

Needless to say, I don’t cook or bake that much.  I tend to look upon events like book club, as my excuse to finally try something fun (I’ve learned my lesson with the in-laws that they won’t try anything they don’t recognize, so that leaves out a lot of food choices!).   But that doesn’t stop me from buying and reading cookbooks (yes, I read them like a book, page by page, cover to cover).  And it doesn’t stop me from reading cooking blogs.

My dear bloggie friend Geggie, over at GeggieBlog (Hi Geg!!) not only can point you in the direction of one of the best restaurants in Phoenix (damn was it good!), but she can also point you to some damn fine cooking blogs.  The latest in her list of referrals…Megans Cookin.  Check it out, it’s a fun-looking blog that just might leave you drooling.  Don’t say I didn’t warn  you.

Megan is also having a contest right now, just in time for Easter.  And let me just say, I do believe that I am coveting those dish towels!  If you stop by to check her out and enter, be sure to let her know that LA Blogger Gal sent you.  And if I win the basket, I’ll send you my Peeps!  Deal?

And speaking of book club, it’s time to get ready to head on over the farmer’s market.  I need to pick up some berries and granola for my contribution – I already have the yogurt at home.  I really was hoping to make the granola from scratch, but damn, I was just to wiped out this week to do much of anything.   Plus the last time I tried to make it in this oven, it just didn’t work out so well.

Happy Weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “About Cooking, A Blog & A Contest

  1. sizzlesays

    Yogurt from scratch? Hell, I ordered Indian food for our last book club. And I love to cook! But sometimes there just isn’t enough time. 🙂

  2. Geg

    Glad you’re playing!

    I cooked a little this weekend. The big thing so far today has been fried egg sandwiches, nothing exciting

    I want to be in a book club.

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