My Rant on Celery & Messy Desks

I don’t like celery.  No wait, that’s not entirely true.  I like raw celery and I like raw celery in my tuna or chicken salads.  I just don’t like it cooked.

If cooked celery turns mushy and gross when cooked, then why do we always put it in soups?  You see, I love soup.  I don’t love celery.  If you’re going to put celery in soup, can’t you at least leave it chunky enough so that I can avoid it?

The only thing worse than celery in soup…okra in soup.  Talk about slimy and gross!   Really, it totally throws off the consistency, so why do it?

Onto other things that annoy  me…why is it that I can clear off my desk, but a mere two days later it’s piled over with crap?  I mean there’s rarely even a bit of flat enough surface available for my mug of tea.  How is that even possible?!?  More to the point, how can I stop it from happening over and over?

And speaking of messy desks…what the hell am I supposed to do with this ginormous stack of mail that needs to be shredded, but is just too much for my little home office shredder to handle?  Times like this I wish we had a fire place.  I mean this stack really seems to be hindering my productivity while at my desk (if you ignore the additional stacks ‘o mess I mentioned above).

What is a girl and her messy desk to do?  Any suggestions from you work at home gals out there?  How do you keep it all under control?

2 thoughts on “My Rant on Celery & Messy Desks

  1. sizzle

    If I worked from home I would need more desk space than I currently have. And files with pretty file folders and a label maker and coordinating pen sets. See? I have a sickness.

    As for the pile of shredding? I’d take scissors to it as I was sitting in front of the tv vegging out.

  2. Rebecca

    Firstly, I am SO with you on the cooked celery thing. Talk about one of the nastiest consistencies in the world. Fresh celery, with some peanut butter & raisins: classic. Cooked celery: nauseating.

    Secondly, my LWL group networks locally through We do a monthly Book Club and a monthly Friday Lunch, both of which are new additions. Our leader, Bevla, is trying her best to grow the Incubator here, as it’s fairly new, so she tries to do a lot of things that new people can come to for free to see what it’s all about. I try to check in on the LWL website once a week or so. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t.

    Thirdly, I’m glad you like my lists! I’m having fun writing them. Sadly, (or not, I’m not really sure), I think so far these are some of the best entries I’ve written since starting my blog! Thank goodness for NaBloPoMo!!

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