I Have a Lot to Say

But really, I don’t have much of a desire to say it. Today is well, it’s Monday. Monday after we switched the clocks. I couldn’t fall asleep last night and today, I woke up too darn early. So maybe that’s why I don’t really have much of a focus or desire to do much of anything today.

My stomach is grumbling, but I don’t feel like making anything for lunch. Though I heard a commercial for a shamrock shake and damn if that didn’t sound like a grand idea.

I also have to do laundry today. And well, for those of us renters in SoCal, that means I have to lug all my crap to the laundromat. The good thing, I’m able to wash multiple large loads at once. The bad thing, I hate laundry. In fact, I still have two baskets full of clothes from the last two times I’ve done laundry that still need to be put away. And the hubs shirts need to be picked up from the cleaners. I’m so domesticated, I know.

More simple domestications…I still need to figure out what to do about dinner. The hubs leaves tomorrow for SXSW and will be gone for the week – don’t even get me started on the loooong hours he’s been working for these last couple of weeks working up to Southby. In fact, that was going to be a post of it’s own, but blah…no thanks. Any dinner suggestions? I’ll be able to run to the store while the laundry is going so we’ve got time here.

The accountant shot me an email this morning and told me that the disk I gave them with our QB wasn’t working. The gal tried to walk me through it, but since I’m Mac and they’re PC (which I think is the problem right there), there were some challenges. I figured that while I was out that way I’d also stop by Nordstrom to pick up some tinted moisturizer. Um…yeah, I left spending about $50 on new moisturizer, new eyeliner and she tried to sell me on a new facial soap (I talked her into a sample instead). So much for not shopping since having spent all that money on my dad a few weeks back. Oh well, I’m trying.

My desk is still a heaping, pile ‘o mes.  The to-be-shredded papers are driving me crazy.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of this disaster area.  I’m also still sick.  Yeah, this is fun.

And that, I do believe is it. Now I need to start writing up my workshop notes for Wednesday, respond to emails and after lunch-hour, I need to head on over to the dreaded laundromat (too many restaurants and not enough parking over there during lunch-hours). Maybe in the meantime I’ll catch up on my blogs…good lord I have 243 waiting for me in my reader!!!

2 thoughts on “I Have a Lot to Say

  1. sizzlesays

    My Reader often astounds me. I sometimes have to just hit “mark all as read” just so my head doesn’t explode and I don’t play favorites.

    I hate doing laundry. Well, actually, I hate putting laundry away. I don’t mind the washing of it. Especially now since there are laundry facilities in my building and they only cost a dollar for a wash and another for dry. SCORE!

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