I’m Tired!

I’m tired of being sick!  Mind you, I feel better.  But I’m still sick.  I still cough.  My coughing still wakes me up at night. I still have all sorts of gross crap floating around inside of me.  My head is still all sickly and floaty.  My ears still completely clog up just driving up the slightest incline.  Two rounds of antibiotics.  Seriously, this is enough all ready.

I’m also tired of not being able to kiss and snuggle with my husband. While it’s been three weeks and he hasn’t yet caught anything, because he has a lot going on at work and SXSW next week, we’re not taking any chances.  But come on, a chaste kiss on the cheek a couple times a day along  with the occasional hand holding just isn’t enough here.  We’re married!  We should get to, I don’t know, act like we’re married.

I told him that once he gets back from SXSW that we will, without a doubt, make up for our lost time.  Regardless of whether he might catch something.  And well, let’s be honest, by then, he’ll probably have caught whatever is going around anyway either on the plane, hanging around all those other people, a band he worked with, or some club he went to.  So by then, I’m off the contagious hook!!  Woohoo!

This is one of those situations where I marvel about how some folks do it.  Hats off to you parents!!  Really, I’m tired and it’s just me, trying to keep him from catching whatever sickness I might have.

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