Ack!!! My Sidebar is Missing!!!!

Now I’m going to have to check each and every post on the page and find the scallywag that’s messing up my stuff!

I’m off…

ETA: Fixed it! It was my Welcome! Welcome! post. I had a few too many <div> tags floating about.

PS – the toes look spectacular as I’m sure you can imagine. Now, it’s a shower (with enough time to let the curls airdry) and back to the book 😉

1 thought on “Ack!!! My Sidebar is Missing!!!!

  1. tearsinmycoffee

    Lucky you…earlier this month, someone hacked my business website and deleted ALL of our pages, even the old ones. We had to revert back to 2 months old pages and try to remember what I updated. BOO!! This was the most stressful 3 days of my life as the website was for a conference I’m planning and we had just had some major promotion on the conference…with no website. =(

    btw–we’re on wordpress too. 😉

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