50 Book Challenge Update

Well, I’m currently on 15 out of my 50 books (I’m counting two crappy half-read books as one read book).  Not too shabby.  Mind you, I have about  10 or more books on my bedside to start up, not counting my regular book club reads (which I should be starting on Monday).  I also have about 5 books, at least, that I’m in the middle of.  Part of me wants to just finish those so I can mark them read and get them off my floor already.  Either way, not too shabby.  It’s a good start at least.

So this last book I read I nearly couldn’t put down.  It’s about the hooking up culture of today’s high schoolers and college kids.  It’s by Laura Sessions Stepp and it’s called Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both.  While there are parts of what some of  those girls (and boys) said that you can’t help but relate to – like the I’ll make time for boys/guys later, first, it’s school and career and the if we end it before anyone says “I love you” we’ll come out of this unharmed beliefs –  there are other parts of the book, in fact, the majority of the book, that you just read and shake your head.

You can’t help but wonder how these young ladies (and men) are going to turn out in the end.  Or more importantly, you can’t help but wonder how society is going to have to change when an entire generation is used to instant, meaningless, zoned-out gratification; when they’re used to leaving when things become uncomfortable or no longer fun and engaging.  Neither the men or the women of this generation seem to have much confidence or self-respect for themselves or for others.  Without basic (sober) boy-girl interaction how can they learn basic social skills necessary for the workspace?   When they are finally ready for settling down, how will this all play out?  Fascinating stuff.

If you have younger siblings, nieces, nephews, family friends, daughters, sons, I urge you to read this book.  Learn how to talk freely and openly about love and sex with them.   I plan on sending this book on to the young woman I used to babysit (an 18 year-old that told me on my list visit with her that she doesn’t like girls because they’re “mean” – how sad).  Laura Sessions Stepp did a great job of getting the girls to share their stories and their beliefs behind their actions.  She does an even better job in her letter to mothers and daughters in offering up some great suggestions.

Check it out.  You might be shocked, but you’ll be a better person, mother, friend, aunt, or sister for it.

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  1. Robin

    50 Book Challenge? Wow! Is there a time frame? I’m one of those people that likes to read one book at a time. I’ll often read one in just a day if it’s really good. The problem is when I am reading a good book, nothing else gets done.

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