Waiting for My World to Change

Yesterday I met with one of my local LWL bloggers. I was dying to meet her in person, even though we’d ironed out all the details through mail. You see, she’s an intuitive life coach. This intrigues me to know end.

I’ve always been pretty intuitive. In fact, when I was a little one, I used to know things that no one could ever understood how I knew. For example, I remember once, as a teen, reading a book while my grandmother was on the phone with her niece. My grandmother calls to me, “hey, guess what?” I looked up from my book and said “Aunt P is getting married and wants me to be in the wedding” and went back to my book. The funny thing, this never seemed to shock my family. It’s just who I am, I guess.

Well, meeting with T yesterday was just what I needed. She really confirmed a lot of what was on my mind lately, both about work, and about myself. She picked up on some challenges I’ve been going through (re: family, drama and stalking – not all related) and reminded me that when big stuff like this is happening time after time that there’s some major change in the works. Or as I like to say it, everything happens for a reason. And I’m just woowoo enough to enjoy being able to look back and watch how it plays itself out.

Believe it or not, I’m really looking forward to this next stage. Of course, since talking with her just yesterday, the funky dreams are already starting. It’s okay though, I’ve learned in the past that somewhere, in the middle of those very bizarre dreams (turns out I’m a super hero in training…surprise!), there’s some major teaching going on. Of course, it doesn’t have to make sense to my logical brain, the message gets in deep and before you know it pow, it’s a whole new way to see the world.

I’m telling you, next time it seems like one hellish thing is happening after another and you just want to scream “why me?!?!” Just take a deep breath knowing that you’re not a victim, you’re just in transition and right around the next bend is your new beginning.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for My World to Change

  1. Ambrosiality

    wow I didn’t know intuitive life coaches existed. Its really good that your taking a step to better you life. PS the transition philosophy really works, although it gets harder when the problem feels like it may never end. You were a pretty intuitive kid, (I went through words like gifted, amazing, clairvoyant, and I think intuitive works best)

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