Am I Chic Enough to Hang with the Geeks?

The folks at Pop Sugar and Tech Crunch are hosting a Chic Meets Geek party in April.  It’s being billed it as a networking event.  But they’re also saying the whole okay you geeks, let’s find you a sexy woman and okay you sexy, dingbatty women, let’s get you a smart, wealthy man thing.  I can’t say that it’s really my thing.  I mean, I’ve got my geek already and if I wanted a new one (which I don’t), I know where to go to reach more geeks – without having to combat sexy, dingy, long-legged, pop-culture addicts.

I also have well, kind of a love/hate relationship with Pop Sugar.  I think they’ve created an amazing community and site – my love.  But I think since I’m not their target demographic, well, I just don’t get it.  There’s no real substance anywhere on the site – or any of their sites – my hate.  So I’m wondering if I’ll really get much out of it.

Of course, these tickets are selling like hotcakes and they’re on their third wave now.  Did I mention how much I really don’t enjoy crowds?  Especially if we’re talking about drunk crowds filled with youngish women that can’t quite hold their liquor?  Plus, how long would the line at the bar even be?

What to do, what to do…

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