Hi, um…I’m Not a Mom

Why does it feel like that when it comes to women-owned businesses, you just don’t count unless your a mom? Any time you seem to read about successful women-owned business or even any how to be successful as a woman in business blog or article, again, it’s all about how moms can do this and moms can do that.

I get it. I mean moms have to juggle lives that I doubt I’d be very good at juggling. They wear many hats in the home. But you know what, so do I. I run a business that I’m expecting to rocket in no time. I run our household. I manage our calendars. I’m wearing quite a few hats both in and out of the home too you know. Am I less of a person just because I’m not a mom? I hope not, because you know what, you don’t know me or my story.

Why does it only seem to count as successful if you’re a mom? Why does the angel funding only seem to be offered up when you’re the next best thing for a mom? What if you have a product or a service that can benefit any woman, not just a mom? Where are those angel investors? Where are those success stories?

I love moms. I think moms do great work and we’d be lost without them. Hell, I had my own mom at one point and was right at my husband’s side to support him through the loss of his mother early on in our relationship. Really, moms are great. But why do we have to separate and compartmentalize our gender so much? Once again, this isn’t something we do with men. I think that this is just another way to that we as women keep ourselves down. Title IX be damned.

Let’s make a pact, together, as women; let’s stop judging each other, going out of our way to create drama amongst each other, trying to one-up each other. Instead, let’s support each other and work together to create the lives we want for ourselves and our children. Our future. Let’s stop building walls and trying to divide each other into groups and instead work as one group…women.

End of my rant…sorry, I read about yet another mommy group that received millions of dollars in funding and again, I can’t say that I think the site itself is really all that. It’s a place to hang your hat, but it doesn’t have that community feel to it.

9 thoughts on “Hi, um…I’m Not a Mom

  1. Robin

    As a mom, I for one would never judge someone based on whether or not they had children. I think life presents challenges to all of us, regardless of how many hats we wear, and I admire any woman who strives to be the best she can be. Period. I’d like to think I’ve been in on your pact for as long as I can remember. I hope to never make any person feel less than they are. And I plan to continue to cheer on all the women in my life…and the ones I meet day to day.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Robin – Sorry ’bout that. I’ve just been seeing so much hate (women vs women) lately that it just gets me a little riled up sometimes. Granted, this post had nothing at all to do with hate, but it just rubs me the wrong way that we just don’t seem to support each other as much as we could. Or should. But really, just think of some of the amazing things we’d be able to do in the world if we all joined forces instead of separated from each other.

  3. Geg

    Don’t get me started. I’d a delicate balance, isn’t it. Expressing frustration without offending any other parties. Equality isn’t as easy as we think it is.

  4. Robin

    No reason to apologize! I hope I didn’t sound offended, because I wasn’t at all. I’m sorry you’ve felt the way you have and I just wanted to share my position on the topic and let you know that I try to think highly of all women, whether they’re moms or not. It is a shame that women can be so competitive and unkind to one another. In my post I was hoping to articulate that I try to support everyone, that I often put others feelings before my own, and if more people did that, you’re right – we’d accomplish some amazing things!

    Thanks for bringing this subject to light! I hope people take it to heart. 🙂

    p.s. *high five* for sticking up for yourself when you were feeling down. I admire you!

  5. LA Blogger Gal

    Geggie – I’m really hoping that I don’t come off offending anyone as that’s not my intent. But yes, I have to agree, equality doesn’t seem to be nearly as easy or as equal as we thought it would be. I just want us to all be friends 😉

    Robin – I’m so glad I didn’t offend. I’m hoping to get us all to play together and be friends – or at least know that our biggest supporters can be found right next door. Here’s to the amazing things in our future!!

  6. ambrosiality

    well I’m not a mum, and I’ve never been offended by any mum groups as og yet. But I’m also single & not married, perhaps teh tables turn when one marries and doesn’t have any kids yet.

  7. whirlingwords

    Wow – I totally see where you’re coming from. Especially as a photographer (mostly of children), most of my colleagues are moms that picked it up as a side business and all of my clients assume I’m a mom at first. I do have respect for moms and esp. working moms, though (: On the other side of the coin, my physical therapy is next door to a pediatrician’s office and I’m always a little surprised when I see the dad’s taking their kids to the dr. b/c it’s 90% mom.

    Great topic, btw!!

  8. Ivanhoe

    I know what you mean. Eventhough I do not experience it on the business level (I do not have the guts/ideas to start my own business – more power to you girl!), but I see it on my acquaintances or friends who have kids already and I am kind of out for not having children…

  9. Angel

    ANYONE who starts their own business is great. It takes a lot to get a business going.

    Mom’s who start their own business has become the hot new thing, so of course their is going to be a lot of news on it. You’d be surprised, I read even more about women in general starting businesses than I do about moms as a specific topic.

    The people behind “what mom’s can do” articles for starting businesses probably are also moms or at least a parent. As a mom I tend to be guilty of that one as well.

    In short, I send my best wishes on your business.

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