Domesticated Diva? Maybe (or not)

Maybe not.  I mean, I just cleaned my keyboard and you’d be shocked to see the amount of crap that fell out – does that count?  How ’bout two runs to Costco in two days?  Um, what about buying curtain rods over at Ikea?

No? Well I feel domesticated.   But maybe that’s just because I played a rousing game of Bunco (and won!!) last night.  Then again, I’m just having a little fun spending my husband’s raise.  Of course, he might see it in quite the same light.  But hey, I have my first paying client today so it’s not like I don’t bring in my own money, right?  It’s a start at least.

I can’t believe I missed Wordless Wednesday, again.  Maybe I should just add it to my calendar so I get a reminder.

Well, I guess that’s it for me today.   Happy Thursday!

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