Decisions Decisions

I’ll admit it, I’m domestic diva (of sorts).  I’ve settled in quite nicely to my work from home situation and have embraced domestication with little fight.  And as the work from home wife, I’ve also embraced Bunco.  Once a month, I get together with other ladies and over a good meal and a nice glass of wine, we roll a little dice for fun.  And honestly, it is a good time.

My dilema…this month’s Bunco get together needed to be held on a different date than normal.  As such, I’m not conflicted on whether to get together with the gals or to head on out to the LA Chamber of Commerce Mixer. It’s a tough one because I don’t want to let my friends down. But on the otherhand it’s a great (and laid back) opportunity to socialize and network.  And well, I’d still like to set up those paid workshops/trainings and this could be a good opportunity to to get the word out.  I just don’t want to appear as a flake to my friends.

What would you suggest?  I have a feeling I know which one I’m going to do, but I’m curious as to what you would do in my shoes?

3 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. curlywurlygurly

    i would probably go to the LA CC mixer and catch the girls for bunco (?!? what?!?!) next time.  you never know who you’ll meet at the mixer–and you know what to expect at the bunco–so take a chance and see what the CofC has to offer.  🙂  but that’s just me.

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  2. Ami (Writing: My Life)

    I don’t think you’re “flaking” out, because the regular Bunco date was changed. I’d gently explain to the gals that the networking event is a great opportunity for expanding your business and that you hate to skip out on this month’s Bunco night, but it’s something you need to do. I’m sure as your friends they’ll support you!

    Ami (Writing: My Life)s last blog post..Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged

  3. Miss Attitude

    Well since I’ve never played Bunco I vote for the mixer.  Plus the girls should understand, especially if the date changed.  Sometimes you have to take care of you:)

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