I’m Taking a Sick Day

I never should have gone out last night.  By about 8:00PM I was a mess: barking, coughing, blowing my nose, not being able to breath through my nose, sinus pressure in places you never even knew you had sinuses and better yet, not being able to concentrate on anything.  I think I used enough sanitizing gel to be considered an accelerant (and boy howdy did that dry out my cuticles).  I pretty much came home and crashed.

I am feeling a bit better today though.  Well, better when yesterday at least.  I’m still crappy enough that dammit, I’m taking today off as a sick day.  I’m going to zero out my Reader – no blogs for me today.  I won’t be checking my email (much).  I won’t be answering my phone.  Nope, I’m just going to lie around and either finish up Friday Night Knitting Club or watch some DVDs that I have laying about.

Today is actually my hubster’s birthday.  Since I’m sick, he’s decided to do a work meeting with Herbie’s sound engineer to talk about some of Herbie’s web stuff.  He leaves on Wednesday so really, tonight was all he had available.    So we’ll celebrate with the birthday dinner tomorrow instead – plus I’m sure I’ll feel much better by then.  Maybe I’ll stop by somewhere and pick him up a fruit or lemon tartlet for dessert or something.

I wonder though, does anyone else have challenges coming up with birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts for their significant others?  For anniversaries I tend to request a house-ish gift or we go on a vacation.  But this year I never got anything for Christmas, but I got the hubs some cool camera gear.

I really can’t think of anything to get him though.  First, he’s the kind of guy that buys what he wants or needs when he wants or needs it (or after the necessary research) and I pretty much buy all his clothes as he needs it.  Second, he pretty much feels that gift giving on any particular holiday because it’s expected is just kind of silly.  And thirdly, he’s never really all that excited by gifts, so unless it really wows him, well, it won’t necessarily be all that appreciated and might even sit around unused – therefore a waste of money.

So I figured that I’d just get out of bed before him and head out to the car wash since he’d been complaining that his car was dirty.  I just feel like that’s such a let down of a “gift”.  Especially since we’re not even celebrating today.  Heck, even the cat got a gift for his birthday yesterday (a pouch of pink salmon and some tilapia jerky).

Okay, I’m off to veg.  See you guys in a day or two.

5 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Sick Day

  1. sizzle

    I hope you feel better!

    I don’t really have trouble with significant other gifts (so far that is). I like to give people experiences sometimes rather than something material. Like taking them somewhere or something like that.

  2. Ivanhoe

    Get better soon and say happy B-day to your hubby for me. It’s pretty easy to shop for my soon-to-be hubby as he is a sports fanatic and loves Steelers. So anything Steelers will do it for him….

  3. Geggie

    I just finished Friday Night Knitting Club this week. Do we share a brain? I can’t decide if we’d really hit it of (I like to think so) or we’d kill each other (I hope not!).

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    Siz – Thanks for the well wishes – being sick sucks! I actually considered taking my guy away for a surprise weekend trip, but he’s always working on one thing or five others and I just wouldn’t be able to surprise him. Same with “experience” gifts in general…he’d never find or make the time. Damn him! (where’s an eye-rolly when you need it??)

    Ivanhoe – thanks for the well wishes, I’m actually feeling better today. It is amazing what medicine can do you ya. I’ve always been a bit jealous of folks that have a signif other with a hobby or obsession (kinda). My guy plays guitar, but has a gagillion and any more guitar-related toys would be talking pricey $$$ stuff. Same with his camera, computer or sound equipment. Eh, he was happy with his carwash!

    Geg – I really enjoyed FNKC. It reminded me a lot of my book club gang. I’ve learned through experience that we’re there for each other when we need each other – good times and bad. I think we’d get along just great. We have quite a few things in common, but different strengths (like I do not cook nearly as amazingly as you).

  5. Ivanhoe

    Get better soon and say happy B-day to your hubby for me. It's pretty easy to shop for my soon-to-be hubby as he is a sports fanatic and loves Steelers. So anything Steelers will do it for him….

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