We Have My Wedding Ring!!

Not that I was hoping for a new one or anything (heck, I barely wear this one), but was a part of me thinking an upgrade would be nice. Shameless, I know. But really, the landlord just laughed and said it happens. I just needed to clarify that while I did actually throw it down the sink, I wasn’t intending for it to go down into the pipes.

I was actually trying to put it someplace safe (ha!) and threw it over the glass doors knowing it would land in the sink. Too bad I forgot until a couple of hours later that we don’t have our drain covered! So yep, down the drain and into the elbow it went. I’m sure if I wasn’t so sick and therefore halfway out of it, I’d probably have been fuming, cursing mad. But hey, it happens. The hubs misplaced his a while back too (when he dad was in the hospital with cancer) so now we’re even. So to speak.

And yes, I’m sick. Again. I was so proud of myself for not getting my husband sick those four weeks I had the sinus infection. Of course, he can back from SXSW with a cold. And of course, my body said “what fun!” and turned it into yet another sinus infection. Joy of joys!

We’re trying a different antibiotic this round since it had only been a week and a half since my last two and a half weeks worth of meds. Here’s hoping this round kicks it out ASAP. ‘Cuz let me tell you, I’m sick of being sick dammit! And tonight I have a LWL meeting that I’m really hoping I’ll feel better for. Until then, it’s nap time!

4 thoughts on “We Have My Wedding Ring!!

  1. Cherrye

    Ugh! I’ve felt “bad” on and off for months! That crap won’t really go away…and now with Spring allergies…it’s over! lol

    Glad you found your ring. I have a mental image of you just tossing it away…

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